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Have you missed us? We missed you!   +100 Microfarms Campaign

August 18, 2015

Many changes have been taking place for me personally that have kept From the Ground Up on the back burner for a bit. That is no longer the case and I have so much to tell you that I am still working on a post all about that. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about a group that is inspiring me right now, so please read on…

Growing some of your own food is especially rewarding this time of year, you can pick a salad in your yard, which is the best thing ever. Sharing with friends and neighbors, figuring out new things to do with all that squash. It is a joy and a privilege. Here in the over-priced Bay Area having a space to garden is a privilege that not many have. Which is why community gardens are so important, they provide not just space to garden, but open space for neighbors to meet and soak up nature. I am really excited about Land Actions campaign. Land Action is a grassroots organization whose goals are to “obtain properties for urban microfarms and organize housing, creating support spaces for community-building while facilitating a locally grown urban food supply.”  They are currently fundraising for their 100 Microfarms Initiative.
Here is the description from the IndieGoGo page:
“Starting in July of 2015, LAND ACTION is excited to partner with urban farmers to initiate and sustain 100 urban farms in Oakland over the next 5 years. These microfarms will include tiny home farmhouses, creating affordable housing for
urban farmers and organizers. The farms will also serve as demonstration gardens and community farms, helping spread knowledge on food sustainability along with growing hundreds of tons of vegetables to be distributed locally.
We are selecting properties based on their long term viability to stay farms indefinitely.”Land Action at Buried Seeds GardenLand Action at Buried Seeds GardenLand Action at Buried Seeds GardenLand Action at Buried Seeds Garden

I went to the campaign launch at the Buried Seeds Medicinal Garden at 27th Street & West in Oakland to meet the people involved. It was a crazy hot Sunday and dedicated people from the nearby Ashby Community Garden, Wild Oakland and more had come to pull weeds and turn soil in the sun. At 5 o’clock everyone gathered to talk about why they are there and how keeping gardens and open spaces in neighborhoods is necessary.

Land Action at Buried Seeds Garden

Many plots of unused land are abandoned due to tax default, often cities sell these lands to the highest bidder (developers usually) with no thought to how it will affect the people who live there and the existing businesses. There some urban farms have started on such pieces of land and have enriched the neighborhoods and brought beauty, healthy food and spaces for neighbors to meet. Gardens create safer and healthier communities and we would love to see many more of them. We are supporting the IndieGogo campaign and we would like you to join us. Please go the their campaign page and contribute if you can, then share it!

Keep cool and eat your vegetables while they are fresh and in season!

Kristi Stephens Adams
From the Ground Up

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