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Change is in the air

April 7, 2013

It is spring here in the temperate San Francisco Bay Area flowers are blooming and change is in the air.  I have begun planting seeds for this years garden with some uncertainty. The future of the house that my husband and I rent is up in the air.  The (not rent controlled) house needs much work and the landlord will need to raise the rent in order to do the work. Our landlord has been nothing but fair in the nearly 11 years we have lived here, but the rents for open units in our area have nearly doubled since we have move in, we are unsure about how this will turn out.  For the last few years I have been working a part-time job for pay and as close to full-time as I can on the “From the Ground Up” (not paid), so my financial situation is a bit fragile. Why am I bringing this up on the blog? Well, the garden at this house is was the first inspiration that led to “From the Ground Up”. The thought of leaving the garden, neighbors, and our community breaks my heart.  At the same time “From the Ground Up” is nearing the finish line as well, although I will never be truly “finished” with it, with the future looking like it is most of my attentions will need to be elsewhere.

Seedlings 2013

Seedlings 2013

Where is “From the Ground Up” at now? We have the first rough-cut of the main movie and are currently working on changes from feedback we have received.  We are researching music and getting ready for the illustrator and animator to get started (a big thanks to everyone who contributed for this part on IndieGoGo last year). We are planning the new website, editing shorts, and looking for partners for some really fantastic ideas that came out of the BAVC MediaMaker Fellowship last year.  We are also looking for ways to fund the final stages and make the future of the project sustainable.  I have been thinking about financial sustainability for “From the Ground Up” and would love to hear from people their thoughts on paying for media.  Do you pay for media on-line? Would you pay for a “From the Ground Up” community screening kit? Would you pay to watch it on-line? The short videos are free on-line now, would you pay or use something like the Vimeo Tip Jar function?  This has always been a labor of love for myself and everyone who has worked on this project, but in order to keep the project going we need to start generating some funds. As we continue to puzzle this out I keep thinking about a TED talk I saw recently and how “asking” is so much more nuanced than we think it is. If you have any ideas we would love to hear them.

Thank you and happy planting!

Kristi Adams

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