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Thankful & Hopeful

November 23, 2012

From the Ground UpHappy Thanksgiving Weekend!
As you know, I am in the process of finishing my documentary From the Ground Up. I am thankful for all the amazing people I have met while making this documentary, they have inspired me and changed my life. When I started making this documentary I thought it was going to be a movie about the growing urban farming movement, but is has developed into a multi-layered project about participation, people becoming more involved in their communities, economies and cities. When someone starts food gardening they are taking an action, doing something that is at once traditional and revolutionary. Gardening is an effective tool to educate and address larger issues in the world: the environment, land use, industrial farming, labor policy, water conservation, seed patents, food safety, and so much more. The best part is that these issues do not need to be spelled out, they become obvious with the action of planting a seed, feeding the soil, watering, harvesting, cooking and seed saving for next year.  These are issues that I am sure you are concerned with, that is why I am asking you to join our crowdfunding campaign that will help to raise the necessary funds to finish the film.

From the Ground Up is nearly complete; the movie is shot and is currently being edited. We have a talented and dedicated team of people involved in this project who have been working with us for years and we want to make the best movie possible for them, as well as for the farmers and gardeners in it. In order to do that we need a minimum of $15,000 to obtain archival footage, music, and illustrations for the animations.  We are running our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, which is similar to Kickstarter.  The campaign ends midnight November 30th – only seven days from today. So far we have raised over $2,600 with over 39 people contributing, please join them in supporting the hard work and vision of everyone involved in the project.

How do you join the campaign?
– First go to our campaign page:
– Then watch the video and check out our very nice perks (Things that you can get for contributing like: digital download or DVD of the film when it is finished, t-shirts, beverage koozie, urban farming book, seeds, photos, Victory Garden collectors items, urban farm tour and much more)
– Check out the comments other people have left and leave one of you own.
– Pick a perk or contribution amount that works for you and press the Contribute Now button.
– Share the campaign with your friends and family! This is just as helpful as contributing money, it helps us get the word out not just for fundraising, but for building an audience for when the movie is finished.

Thank you for your encouragement and support,
Kristi Stephens Adams

P.S. – Besides joining in on our crowdfunding campaign you can help by following us on twitter and liking us on facebook (and invite your friends). Thank you!

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