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June 14, 2011

It is just about summer here in San Francisco and gardening season is in full swing. We recently had another seedling sale to raise money for the project, but as in all things involving growing food, there were some unexpected benefits to the sale.  First, the act of growing a couple hundred seedlings we learned a bunch about seed age, types of containers that work best and have perfected a hardening off technique. The sale itself was great – we met so many neighbors and talked about what was happening in the area and what varieties we have had luck with in our microclimate. It never ceases to amaze me how talking about gardening and food are such easy topics to talk about with strangers, everybody eats and gardening is all about sharing knowledge, harvest and so much more.  We will be having more seedling sales for sure.

Winter and spring were very busy for us on the movie making front – we had transcripts and translations done, applied for grants and a fellowship, and we have started the first edit.  A huge thanks to all the people who worked so hard to make this happen!  The next steps are to keep on editing the main movie as well as some shorts and update the trailer, continue fundraising efforts, more archival footage research, find music, get animations started and much more. We are preparing for a crowd-funding campaign, there will be some great enticements to get people to donate; t-shirts, seeds, original Victory Garden pamphlets, garden tours to name a few!   We can always use more, so if you have anything (items or services) you would like to donate the campaign let us know

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